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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are the workshop classes?

We are serious about safety at BenchWorx.  Whenever a new tool is introduced, kids receive instruction on it first, then kids get adult help with the tool, and finally when the kid is comfortable with the tool and using it correctly, the child finishes the project themselves. See our safety page for more information.

My kid doesn’t go to the school you are having a class at, can my kid still attend?

At present, classes taught at a host school for after school or for during the school day are for the host school students only.  Have your school host an event!

If the location is mobile, how can I contact the teachers?

You can call the office in Toledo, IL at [Please enable JavaScript.] if you need to get a message to one of the teachers or have a question.  Registered participants can get Jeff Schrock’s cell phone number if there is an emergency during class time.

My child loved this class so much, when will you be back?

BenchWorx wants to be an annual or semiannual addition to the regularly scheduled after school and in school activities.  Let your school administrators know you would like us to return! Don't want to wait til next time? We offer private events also, just fill out our vendor/host form.

Why do you limit the class age range if your website says K-8th?

We offer classes to both girls and boys K-8th grade. When we visit a school multiple times a year, we limit the age ranges in each class so that the teachers can direct the lessons to be more age specific.  This way every student gets a more tailored class experience at their learning level.

Can I book a private party, such as a birthday?

Yes! BenchWorx loves to do birthday parties! Fill out the host/vendor form with your information.

What is the cost of each class? Are there discounts? Or coupons?

Classes differ in cost depending on distance from our base in Toledo, Illinois. Each class can also be slightly different due to class time length and if the classes are taught in a multiple class session. There are some host/vendor sites which contract with us directly and offer our classes to kids free of cost and we will occasionally run specials and have coupons on our site, so keep a look out on our Facebook Page!

Do you have classes for homeschool students?

Yes!  We enjoy our homeschool students.  If you have a group of homeschool students in your area and would like to host an event, contact us through our vendor form! 

Who teaches the BenchWorx classes?

Jeff Schrock is the lead teacher of the BenchWorx classes. Check out the "Meet the Teachers" page to see everyone involved with BenchWorx. 

How far will you travel to teach a class?

We are based out of Toledo, Illinois and have traveled as far north as Champaign, IL, as far south as Flora, IL and as far east as Terre Haute, IN. 
If you are interested in having a class in your area but think it might be too far, contact us by filling out a vendor form and we will get back with you.


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