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Safety Comes First at BenchWorx


Safe Practices

Safety Checks

Our steps for each project include safety checks from an instructor before the student may proceed.

Other safe practices:

  • All hand tools; no power tools.
  • Plastic safety guards help kids drill only as far as needed.
  • No splinters from BenchWorx projects; every wood piece gets sanded.
  • Kids are first taught how to use the tools.
    Once they are confident and use the tools correctly, they finish the project themselves.


Saw Setup Side View

  • The Miter Box is against the desk and vise.
  • The pencil line drawn on your wood with the Tri-Square is lined up with the correct slot on the Miter Box.
  • The bottom of the C-Clamp is completely under the desk.
  • Mr. Brown is present and is a pinky width away from the line.
  • The C-Clamp is tight. Use your muscles.
  • Safety Check!

Saw Safety

Kids learn to hold and use saws correctly.

  • Use both hands when taking out, transporting, or putting away a saw.
  • Red tape indicates exactly where to put hands, so fingers are not in the way.
  • Use shims to guide the work.
  • Hold projects with a vise, not with hands.